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Vehicle Rust Prevention

Harsh winter elements and salt can do a number on a car's exterior so it's important to know how to help prevent and properly handle it if you want your car to last longer. Have you noticed new rust spots on your vehicle? Here are some quick tips on how to help prevent rust before it happens:

Keep it clean: first and foremost, it's important to wash off your car quickly after it's been exposed to road salt, etc. The longer it sits, the more it eats the paint, etc.  Giving your vehicle a good wax before the winter season hits, and in the spring is important as well. And don't forget about the interior. Clean up any spills that may start rust on the inside. 

Salt: Salt that is put on the roads in the winter causes rust. During the 'salt' season make sure to go to the car washing on a regular basis and select an underside wash. 

Keep it Covered: If you have a garage, make use of it. If you don't there are vehicle covers that can offer additional protection. The less your vehicle is exposed to the elements, the less likely the rust. 

Inspect it: Take a close look at your vehicle's body on a regular basis. If you catch a tiny rust spot, it is much easier to take care of.  Scratches and dents are often the first places rust will form.

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